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Characteristics of downtown people are succeeded to by craftsmen in Asakusa!
Craftsmen in Asakusa are the artists or the successors of the spirit of traditional Japanese culture and making the shapes of this "spirit" by their traditional excellent skills.
Some craftsmen and shops in Asakusa are making or selling such traditional excellent articles.
Some craftworks already disappeared in other parts in Japan are still alive in Asakusa.
Please enjoy a shopping tour for traditional Japanese excellent articles in "Nice Place Asakusa".
We are also waiting for your offering of informations about "Nice Place Asakusa".

"Detail" marks mean you can jump to the pages of detail informations from them,but the pages are not completed.
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The following shops are arranged in the order of the Japanese sillabary of their goods.

Telephone number Business hours Regular holiday MAP Details
03-5828-3996 10:00`18:00 Open all year around. MAP Details
Edo-kiriko(cut-glass) is manufactured and sold in this shop.
The owner of this shop is authorized as a technologist of the traditional craftworks by the government of Katsushika ward.
The origin of this craftwork is the glasswork curved by the craftsman of glasswork(vidro) of Oedotenma (around the Nihonbashi bridge in these days) in the 5th year of Tenpo(the 19th century).
The elaborate skill of craftsman which can not be followed by machines is recognized.
We recommend you to buy the Edo-kiriko glassworks which remind you romanticism in the Taisho era. go
Miniature toys of the flavor of Edo
on the Nakamise streetSUKEROKU
03-3844-0577 10:00`18:00 No MAP Details
Handmade miniature toys of the flavor of Edo.
A certain famous vip the name of him or her will astonish you in the foriegn country prefer the toys in this shop.
The small and elaborate miniature toys were manufactured at first when the eighth shogunate Yoshimune prohibited luxurious lives in the 18th century.
And,the first owner of this shop collected and sold them for the first time in 1866(the 2nd year of Keio).
Obi(Japanese sash for kimono)
03-3844-3497 11:00`20:00 Sometimes closed on the 4th Tuesday(almost every day open). MAP Details
1-20-11 ASAKUSA
Specialty shop for obi(obis from the looms at Hakata and Nishijin are mainly sold).
Opened in the 8th year of Taisho.
For actors of kabuki,professional comic storytellers,teachers of tea ceremony or Japanese dance,leaders of construction workers and festivals,various kinds of obi are displayed.
The owner says "If you bring your kimono,I will select an obi of suitable colors or patterns for you."
If you want to wear kimono or yukata attractively,please visit this shop. go
03-3844-1755 10:00`19:00 Wednesday(almost every day open) MAP Details
1-37-10 ASAKUSA
Opened in Hongo of Edo in the era of shogunate Yoshimune(in the 2nd year of Kyoho).
One of the only two specialty shop of comb in Tokyo.
Moved to Asakusa in the late of the Meiji era.The present owner is the seventh generation.
They use only boxwood from Ibusuki in Kyushu for making combs.
This shop is often introduced on TV. HP
03-3847-2680 10:30`19:00 No MAP Details
1-32-12 ASAKUSA
Opened in the 9th year of Meiji.
Braids and small articles dyed by hand are sold in this shop.
This shop was named after the founder's hometown.
Small articles are dyed in their own studio.Most of them are handmade.
Small articles made of crape and the like are popular.
Various kinds of Japanese jewelry and string attached with small lump in the end(100% silk) are sold.
Shamisen(three stringed Japanese banjo)
03-3845-4133 10:00`19:00 No MAP Details
1-37-6 ASAKUSA
Various kinds of Shamisen,range from slender pole style to thick pole style,are sold.
They also undertake re-covering leather of shamisen,repairing and the like.
Various kinds of accessories for shamisen like bridge and stick are sold.
03-3841-0088 10:30`18:00 Closed once a month(after the 20th of month). MAP Details
1-20-2 ASAKUSA
This is a shop of fan and is proud of long history of over 100 years.
The fan is made of slender ribs of bamboo and needs 38 processes in all before completion.
They accept many orders for using in the events of dancing and for using in "kabuki".
They can make originally designed fans.
03-3844-0842 10:00`20:00 Wednesday MAP Details
1-31-1 ASAKUSA
This is a shop for ivory works and accessories of shamisen(music ,strings and so on) on the Nakamise street.
Ivory is a small supply,though international trade for ivory was opened again on March 18th in 1999.
Sticks for shamisen and plectrums for koto(long Japanese zither) are sold and small slumps for attaching in the end of strings are sold at the price of about 3000 yen.
Pendants and ornamental hairpins and the like are also sold.
We recommend you to buy the case for strings of shamisen(580 yen).
It can be also used as the case for cards.
SOROBAN(Japanese abacus)
YAMAMOTO specialty store of soroban
2-35-12 ASAKUSA
03-3841-7503 10:00 to 18:00
11:00 to 18:00(on Sundays and holidays)
Closed on Thursdays MAP Details
Founded 65 years ago They sell many kinds of soroban from 5 digits to 139 digits.
A gigantic soroban is set outside the store and it catches many people's eyes.
This is only one specialty store of soroban in Tokyo.
"Happy Beads"(750 yen) made of beads for soroban is very good for using as a strap.
Takarabune Kumade(rakes named "Takarabune")
03-3874-3096 Open 9:30-15:00(opened irregularly). On saturdays(Open for half a day).
On Sundays(closed but opened in the time near "Tori Fair")
MAP Details
3-20-25 SENZOKU
Rakes for selling in"Tori Fair" are manufactured and sold in this shop.
This is only one shop manufacturing Takarabune rakes.
People believe rakes gather up good luck.And,there are three types of rakes in Asakusa,red(Takarabune),blue(plain type or Okame) and "culture".
Once rakes of red type were made in many shops,but in these days made in only Yoshida.
The style of rakes of Yoshida has not been changed since the opening of this shop.
A year is spent for making rakes.
1700-1800Takarabune rakes are sold out in the 1st "Tori Fair" and in the 2nd "Tori Fair" every year!
Sculpture and Image of Buddha
SOUSHUU corporation
03-3845-0458 9:00`18:00 Sunday & holidays MAP Details
They carry wood carving of Edo style,sculptures for temples and shrines,image of Buddha and ornaments.
About 100 years have past since the founding.They have made the sculptures for the Chokokuji temple famous for "Tori Fair".
The works are displayed on the 1st floor and the studio where the works are made is on the 2nd floor in this company.
You can visit this company for study.
03-3841-2691 9:00`18:00 Sunday & holidays MAP Details
The order for only one originally designed lantern is acceptable.
The lanterns drawn various patterns,for example,the name of your pet dog or the advertisement of your shop,can be made.
Three weeks are spent for making because they are made by handwriting.
You can have happy and heart-warming feeling only if you watch inside the shop.
The store of the tools for making handmade buckwheat noodles
03-3876-2366 10:30 to 18:00 on Sundays and holidays Open throughout the year (Closed irregularly) MAP Details
The materials and the conditions in finish of the products are outstanding!
Many tools for making handmade buckwheat noodles including rolling pins are sold.
You can have the experiences for making handmade buckwheat noodles.
KIJIYA is known to the people through the TV and magazines.
Brush put in by hand
Fujimoto Tora
03-5828-1818 10:00`18:00 Closed on Sundays and holidays or irregularly
(but open on the days which have events like festivals).
MAP Details
Opened in the 30th year of Meiji.
All holes of the brush are put in by hand one by one by the craftsmen.
These brushes are durable for long time and have intersting tastes.
Their policy is to use only natural materials like natural wood and hair and not to use nylon.
Lady staffs will guide you kindly.
Please drop in this shop of the craftsmen of Edo any time you like!!
Japanese towel
03-3841-2283 10:00`19:00 Thursday MAP Details
2-2-15 ASAKUSA
The Japanese towels of this shop are originally designed by the owner himself.
More than 200 types of beautiful patterns for Japanese towels,for example,designed by a motif of the local scenery in Asakusa or the scenery of each season of Japan,are prepared.
Daily necessities like tablecloth or luncheon mat are also sold.
We recommend you to decorate these towels put in specially-made frames designed by the owner.
Shop curtain
03-3841-6613 10:00`18:00
Thursday MAP Details
1-35-6 ASAKUSA
More than 500 types of shop curtains are always arranged in this specialty shop of shop curtain.
The traditional patterns of towels that have been loved by people from early times are arranged naturally and lovelily designed towels full of modern feeling are also arranged.
The shop is full of the atomosphere of traditional Japan.Small articles suitable for souvenir are also sold.
Boxes of Japanese style
03-3843-8769 11:00`19:00 Opened irregularly(almost every day open). MAP Details
Opened in the 7th year of Meiji.
The boxes made of paulownia are manly sold and other types of products like bureaus,bookrests,shamisen stands and Kleenex cases are also sold.
They obtained a patent for the high technique of "Sokiri Shoken Kimekomi".
Mail order and made-to-order are acceptable.
Chopping board made of paulownia(1800/2700/3800 yen) is excellent and popular because it dries easily and is durable for mold.
Bags of Japanese style
03-3845-0296 10:00`20:00i23:00j Wednesday MAP Details
This shop is manufacturing the properties for traditional Japanese drama "kabuki" and the bags in the manner of made-to-order.
The owner works as a craftsman and a salesman himself.
They carried the properties for kabuki and the bags for big shops before.
This shop was opened by the former owner near the geisha house area in Asakusa early in the Showa era.
Cigarette cases reproduced faithfully to the skills of the craftsmen of Edo can be manufactured only here.
Please use them smartly!
Kitchen knife of Japanese style
03-3844-1379 10:30`19:00 Thursday MAP Details
1-18-12 ASAKUSA
Kitchen knives are mainly sold,but scissors are also sold.Opened in the 6th year of Meiji.
Various kinds of kitchen knife from the family type to the type for the craftsmen are sold.
This shop is famous in the business world.
If you buy a kitchen knife in this shop, they will sharpen and give it to you on the spot.
(Of course your request for maintainance is acceptable.)
We heard about the episodethat the clippers of this shop for cutting beard are prefered by one famous man.
The Goods for the Festivals
2-22-12 ASAKUSA
03-3841-4915 10:00 to 19:30 Closed on Tuesdays MAP Details
This is a specialty store of the goods for the festivals where the spirit of downtown is remained.
The original goods of ADACHIYA are made originally in every point,from the patterns of cloth to dyeing or sewing.
You can find any goods for the festivals from the goods for the kids to the special big sized goods (3L sized goods).
They are confident that their Japanese short coats with persons' names printed on them are unrivaled.
Mikoshi(portable shrines),Japanese drums,
musical instruments for the entertainments,
musical instruments for the court music,costumes for the festivals and others
The Nishi Asakusa Store of Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten Inc.
03-3844-2141 9:00 to 18:00 Closed on Tuesdays MAP Details
This store has very delightful atomosphere and Mikoshi(portable shrines),Japanese drums and many other things for the festivals are sold here.
Not only high priced goods are sold.
The low priced souvenirs for foreigners,for example,Okame and Hyottoko(comical paper masks,2900 yen) and mini wooden clappers(600yen-),are also sold.
The exhibition hall for the drums of the world(tha admission fee is 300 yen) is on the 4th floor.
Yuinohin(betrothal present),
shugibukuro(ornamental bag for congratulatorygifts)
Miyahara Shoten corporation
03-3844-0964 8:30`18:00 No MAP Details
This is the manufacturer and head shop of betrothal presents of Takachiho school and ornamental bags for congratulatory gifts.
Many customers from distant places visit this@shop where wedding articles telling Japanese spirits are arranged.
"In these days the sets of seven articles or five articles are sold well,but the sets of nine articles should be prepared according to the correct wedding manner."the owner says.
Furniture of Japanese style
03-3844-1993 11:00`20:30 Tuesday MAP Details
1-38-1 ASAKUSA
This shop carry Japanese style furniture and joineries of Edo style.
We hear they often manufacture according to the orders from persons concerned with Japanese traditional drama "kabuki" or Japanese music.
Orders come from all over the country ,from Kyushu to Hokkaido.
Merchandise of this shop are manufactured by different craftsmen according to the materials like paulownia,mulberry and karaki(chinese wood).
They complete the merchandise by using more than 200 kinds of tools properly.
Japanese paper
03-3841-9811 8:30`17:30 Saturday&Sundayi12/30`1/4 closej MAP Details
They carry mainly papers and Japanese papers for wholesale.And,the goods for retail are also arranged here.
In the old Edo era around here Tawaramachi was called Kamisukicho(place for making papers),and there were many shops of papers.
This is also an old shop which has the long history of 90 years since the opening in the 2nd year of Taisho.
How about purchasing Japanese papers or paper ballons as souvenir?
The atomosphere in the shop which remind us the old times of Edo is very good.

Please ask!