Romanticism of JIDAIYA
The rickshaw runs.Panting on the slope,going through the alley or weaving through the houses.
Kicking about the snow,passing under the bloom,sweating under the sunlight,stepping on the fallen leaves or going against the cold wind.
The rickshaw runs more slowly than the bicycle,the car or the aircraft.
In the times when it takes only a day to go from Hokkaido to Okinawa it somtimes takes an hour or so for the rickshaw to go to the next town.
In the times when thousands of people can be carried at a time the rickshaw carries only one or two persons.
And we can not run faster than the speed of man's foot.
But we like this vehicle which has only the power limited by the man's power.
Traveling is becoming like mere movement by shortening the time and the inn is becoming like the lodging by saving troubles.
The town changed into the street.The earth disappeared from the road.
The alley disappreared.The plain, the vacant land and the copse disappeared.
Though we got something which people call the abundance,we can not be satisfied.
We think somthing is missing in our lives.
JIDAIYA pull the rickshaw.
Rickshaw-men run avoiding pebbles,keeping the balance on the slope or softening the shake of the rickshaws.
Passengers thank for rickshaw-men's kind consideration looking at aweat on their backs without saying anything.
The hearts of the passenger and the rickshaw-man get together.
The rickshaw runs taking on the man.The man runs in the times.
JIDAIYA run keeping the words "The only chance in our lives" in our minds.

"The heart of Japan " is now disappearing day by day.
We think the mission for JIDAIYA is to offer the Japanese culture in visible form in Japan of today.
In order to achieve that mission we JIDAIYA are offering not only rickshaws but also the Japanese traditional entertainments and many kinds of performance.

(The final retrospective spot has appeared in Asakusa.)

The earth floor ,the Japanese style counter and the long style brazier are in this shop,and the business of the rickshaw is being carried on every day in this shop like a set for the movie.
Please have a time for a nap easily in this time crossing spot.
This is also the most suitable spot for taking a souvenir picture for only yourself.(Admission and visiting are free.)

(The collection of JIDAIYA is on exhibition.)

Our shop is also used as the data room for the rickshaw.
Including the high-class rickshaws in the Taisho era valuable as the cultural assets,many data for the rickshaw like the color prints in the Meiji era,the colored pictures,the pictures of the rickshaws for export in the Taisho and Showa era,the catalogues of the rickshaws,the specifications,the drawings and so on are exhibited.(Visiting is free)

The rickshaw-men who have the craftsmanship and know Asakusa throughly will guide you closely.
We present you the special make picture postcards made from the pictures of the rickshaws in the Meiji era as a commemoration for boarding.
By the way,the sightseeing brochure of JIDAIYA is reputed by the local people that the maps are easy to understand and very useful for sightseeing on foot.
The samples for the charges:30minutes for a pair /8,000 yen(the advantageous course) 1hour for a pair/15,000 yen(the special popular course)

Reservations are acceptable here!

(Reservations are needed.)

After all,Asakusa is the retrospective area.
We are ready to offer you many kinds of costumes so that you can enjoy the final retrospective atomosphere.
You can use the shop of JIDAIYA which is in the same situation as it was in the old times for the studio You can also use the antiques for the properties and wear the costumes we have and can take the final retrospective pictures for the souvenir pictures.
(You can take pictures free.)
You can go sightseeing in Asakusa in the same costumes if you want.
You can play the characters such as the stylish girl in a hakama(Japanese pleated skirt) of the cloth with splashed patterns of arrows,the lady ofRokumeikan style,the relaxed lady in yukata,the policeman in the Meiji era,the houseboy and so on.
The charge for the costumes(including the charge for assistance of dressing)/6,000 yen.

Reservations are acceptable here!

Used by the Asakusa Shrine exclusively

All over the country only JIDAIYA can produce the traditional style wedding by the rickshaws in a string like a scene in the movie.
Of course,as we are constanyly ready to offer the double type rickshaws,you can choose both types.
The scene in which the rickshaw-men in the costumes of colorful Japanese style short coats and Manju Gasa hats exclusive use for the wedding are pulling the rickshaws solemnly is extremely impressive.
(These are standard contents JIDAIYA offer for the wedding.)

Reservations are acceptable here!

(We are ready to send our staffs anywhere in the country.)

We can send our staffs to many kinds of events using the rickshaws like parades,test ride meetings,the welcome and farewell for VIPs,producing parties and so on.
We installed the set named "The Picture Scroll in The Meiji and Taisho Era of JIDAIYA" at the arrival and departure point of the rickshaws,where the characters of the stylish lady in hakama of the cloth with splashed patterns of arrow,the policeman in the Meiji era and other models for production are installed and the retrospective back ground music is sounding,and we think where you can enjoy riding,watching and hearing.
We also guide about the plays of the rickshaw or the rickshaw-man in the movie or TV.
(We have many results.)

Reservations are acceptable here!

(We can send our staffs anywhere in the country.)

We offer many kinds of traditional entertainments as a link of the campaign for succeeding Japanese culture.
Please let us perform them in the wedding reception and other events.
Japanese drum/Tsugaru shamisen/lion dance/joruri(Japanese ballad drama)/shakuhachi/Japanese dance/grand sacred music and dance of Edo style/tricky spin-the-top/musical accompaniment/kiyari(songs of celebration)/rice cake making/komuso/Japanese dingdong band of sandwich men,and many other kinds of Japanese entertainment and street performance.

(For the customers with reservations only)

The area around the back of Asakusa Kannon where the shop of JIDAIYA stands is the traditional geisha girl town.
We produce the plan of "the trip for rediscover Japan" in which you can learn the manners and experience the profound culture of the geisha world in the costume of a real hangyoku(probationary geisha).
The plan in which the smart and elegant pictures of you can be taken is optional.

(You don't need to appear in a drinking party!You can only transform into a hangyoku!)

The charges for one person range from 30,000 yen.
The rickshaw and the photography are optional.

(the single type rickshaw,the double type rickshaw/the new or the second hand rickshaw,the antique)

We also sell the rickshaws.We can advise the customers properly when they choose the rickshaws because we JIDAIYA have engaged in the business and piled up our experiences and studies for a long time.
By engaging in the activities like supervision about the specifications for the rickshaws delivered in the Edo Tokyo Museum we have got the established reputation in researching the customs of the period.
The new rickshaw(of the standard type),the single type/1,500,000 yen,the double type/1,650,000 yen

(The society for the study on the rickshaw,the seminar on the rickshaw)

We are running the society for the study on the rickshaw and sometimes open the seminar on the rickshaw in cooperation with the cultured men of many sides like traffic or history in order to throw the academic light to the rickshaws which were not recorded or studied because they were too customary things in the old times and in order to hand down them to the next age.
We also doing the activity for visiting and researching the old rickshaws remained still now all through the country.
We can offer you the various informations.Please give us any questions about the rickshaw.

We run and support the Web site for "everything in Asakusa".
Many things which even the fans of Asakusa don't know are here.
Many places the beginners about Asakusa will be favorite are here.
This is the Web site of "All that's Asakusa!" in which only nice places in Asakusa are choosen and shown.

Let's make the Web site more "Nice place!"
The culture,history,shopping,the shops,fortune-telling of each month etc...many informations about Asakusa are here!We also dispatch the e-mail magazine.

1870 The rickshaws started business.(in Nihonbashi Tokyo)
1987 "JIDAIYA" was founded.(in Yokohama)
1996 "JIDAIYA" moved to Asakusa.
1999 The shop of "JIDAIYA" was opened.
2000 After the period of "JIDAIYA corporation" "JIDAIYA Inc." was established and "Nice place Asakusa" was opened.


(the office)
3-22-11-404 Asakusa Taito Ward Tokyo
(the shop)
2-3-4 Kaminarimon Taito Ward Tokyo i`in the middle of April,2006j




The map of JIDAIYA is here!